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【All in pack 】ULALA-Groovy white Standard &DX version set(1st lot)

18,500 JPY

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SPECIAL OFFER !! This is a special set that includes both stand-alone ULALA and deluxe edition products. This is an offer for overseas customers to reduce shipping costs as much as possible in bulk. 【This is a pre-order item. Shipment will be after February 14, 2022.】 Ulala from "Space Channel 5" is finally here as a soft vinyl figure! This figure is made up of six parts, and can be posed in different ways. This cute figure was sculpted by Ryo Taniguchi, the famous designer of the Tokyo Olympics 2020's official mascot characters. This is a handmade product. Each one is hand painted by our artists. Therefore, we may run out of stock temporarily.Please be patient and wait for replenishment. Ulala DX Version (7 piece set) •Full color: ULALA ×2 •Alternate color: ULALA & mini-morolians (no paint) •Color comic (English edition) •Acrylic logo stand •logosticker for mini-morolians and for Alternate color ULALA •Spacechannel5 special pouch ©️2022 SEGA Overseas shipping EMS https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/ems/index_en.html

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